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Incredible (and affordable) alternatives to renting a Private Office

For small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, finding the right office space can be a challenge. Here at The Duke we understand this and we offer a number of coworking options that cater to the needs of businesses in Niagara. While private offices are often in high demand and fully booked, The Duke has created two other coworking products that offer affordable alternatives for businesses seeking flexible workspace.

The first alternative to a private office is the Satellite Office Membership. This membership is ideal for businesses that require occasional access to a meeting room for client meetings or private work. With the Satellite Office Membership, businesses receive 10 hours of access to The Duke's beautiful Meeting Room per month. Members have full autonomy to book the room from anywhere online and can take advantage of all the amenities offered at The Duke. This includes a virtual business address, exterior signage, high-speed internet, a fully-equipped kitchen, and all the coffee you want.

One of the key benefits of the Satellite Office Membership is the flexibility it offers. Members can use their 10 hours of access to the Meeting Room whenever they need it, whether it's for a client meeting or a day of private work. This makes it an excellent option for businesses that don't require a dedicated office space but need a professional setting for occasional meetings or events.

The second alternative to a private office is The Duke's Hot Desk Membership. This membership is available on the lower floor of the coworking space and has a cool, informal lounge vibe. Hot Desk Memberships allow businesses to work from an open, unassigned space at The Duke, affording them the ability to quickly and affordably stop working from home and enjoy all the benefits of working from a coworking space. With a Hot Desk Membership, members can come in anytime between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM and grab a spot anywhere they like, working for as long as they need to.

One of the key advantages of the Hot Desk Membership is its affordability. Starting at just $190 per month for unlimited usage of the Hot Desk Lounge, it is an excellent option for businesses that need a professional setting but don't want to commit to the cost of a private office but need more hours to dial into getting word done than the Satellite Office Membership provides. The flexibility of the Hot Desk Membership also makes it ideal for businesses that need a flexible workspace, allowing them to choose where they work depending on their needs.

Both the Satellite Office Membership and the Hot Desk Membership offer a range of benefits for businesses that need an alternative to private office space. In addition to the flexibility and affordability, members also get access to all the amenities that The Duke offers, including high-speed internet, printers, meeting rooms, and kitchen facilities.

If you're interested in renting office space at The Duke in St. Catharines, the first step is to check out their website and decide which of their coworking options is best suited for your business. From there, you can reach out via their contact form on the website and share more about your business needs. The Duke team will then set up a private walkthrough of their space and discuss your needs in person. Finally, they will sign you up for whichever membership is best suited for you and get you plugged into their coworking space and community.

The Duke in St. Catharines offers a range of coworking options for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, including private offices, Satellite Office Memberships, and Hot Desk Memberships. Whether you require occasional access to a meeting room or a flexible workspace, The Duke has a coworking solution to meet your needs. With access to all the amenities you need and a community of like-minded professionals, renting office space at The Duke is an excellent way to take your business to the next level.


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