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  • The rear private parking lot is meant for full time office users only.

  • Satellite office members must use the paid parking lot across the street or street parking.

  • Street Parking is free after 6:00pm.

  • To date, double parking has been permitted. Be aware that if you do double park someone that you should be able to be interrupted to move your vehicle if needed.

  • We park 3 wide up against the building and 2 more at an angle behind them.

  • Cars must be off the laneway for through traffic to neighbours parking lot.

  • Unless you’ve been told directly, nobody is allowed to park in the neighbouring spaces.


  • Make as much coffee as you’d like, but don’t waste it if you can avoid it.

  • Kettle is usually on microwave for tea drinkers or soup makers.

  • Please wash your own dishes and at the lease set them in the right sink to dry.

  • The pantry has the following for tenants to use: Coffee, Tea, etc., Dishes, Garbage Bags.

  • Feel free to keep food in the fridge but don’t forget it there. If food items start to go bad they will be disposed of without warning.

  • Goes without saying but please don’t eat other peoples food and try to keep the fridge somewhat organized so you know what’s yours.

  • Keep the kitchen clean please, including the microwave interior.

  • There’s also a coffee bean grinder for public use if you have you’d like to grind beans fresh or bring your favourite whole beans from home.


  • Wifi Credentials are typically located on the inside of the Conference Room door should you ever need them.

  • Network: The Duke

  • Password: theduk21


  • The Conference Room must always be booked in the online google calendar. If you don’t have access to the calendar please email Andrew at for access to be granted.

  • The Conference Room should always be returned to the state of readiness for the next meeting, including:

    • Chairs tucked in

    • Remotes put back under TV or in drawer

    • Table cleared and clean

    • Printer ready

  • The Apple TV & Chromecast are designed to make wireless projection easy and simple. If you don’t know how to use them a simple internet search should give you all the answers you need.

  • The main cause for issues with this technology is:

    • Not waking up the apple tv by clicking the apple tv remote to wake the unit

    • Not having the tv itself on the right input - although it usually just stays on the apple tv input most of the time.


  • Our Conference Room is booked through a shared online booking calendar that can be found HERE.

  • If you are a member you likely would have received an invitation from us to create an account which is extremely fast and simple.

  • If you did not recieve your invitation link and you have checked your junk/spam folders please email us at


  • Help yourself and your guests to on demand coffee, tea, and refreshments in the bar fridge.

  • The Keurig may need to have the water tank filled from time to time. 

  • If mugs are missing from the shelf above there are more in the pantry in the kitchen.

  • Please keep this coffee bar clean and tidy.



  • If you’re the last person to leave the building you need to make sure the building is locked up.

  • Make sure the front, back, and conference room doors are locked.

  • Office Doors can be locked with a single press of the “Schlage” button and manually rotating the keyhole to move the deadbolt.

  • Exterior doors should be locked by entering your code when you leave.

  • Please leave the front porch light and the light by the waiting area on the main floor on all night.


  • We have an alarm system. It will scare you if you don’t know what to do!

  • There are 3 keypads in the building for operating the system: front door, rear door, and upstairs. Theses keypads are interconnected and can be used to arm or disarm the building using your private access code.

  • The building will auto-arm at 10:05pm every evening. If you are working later than that and you’re still in the building upon auto-arming you will have 2 minutes to enter your code before the alarm goes off and security arrives. You will be required to re-arm the building when you leave for the night.

  • Satellite Office Members will not have an alarm code and will only be permitted to use the conference room between the hours of 8am and 10pm.



  • The common areas of the building are cleaned professionally through the month.

  • Private offices will be entered into monthly for quick vacuum unless you express in writing you would not like that. If you would like more in depth cleaning of your office (dusting etc.) please email us about setting that up for an additional fee.


  • Garbage Day is early Friday morning and garbage will be taken out Thursday evening.

  • Bins are located outside the back door on the landing.

  • The black bin is for garbage.

  • The large rolling blue bin is for glass and plastics.

  • And the blue box is for paper.

  • Full time tenants are responsible for their own trash in their offices.


  • We have 2 separate HVAC systems one for each floor. Because of this we also have smart thermostats - one located on each floor. 

  • These thermostats are pre-set for optimal temperature throughout the building. 

  • With many different rooms, varying sunlight, and the craziness of southern Ontario weather we understand that our new systems, although very expensive, aren’t perfect and that every corner of the building will not always be the appropriate temperature to the degree. If you have issues with the thermostat or temperature please let me know and we’ll see how we can make the adjustments. 

  • All vents in the offices can be opened and closed to customize each rooms individual temperatures.

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